Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Men who Fought in War. By Lauren Williams

A man went to war
hoping for some fame,
some fortune,
to have medals under his belt.
The man went to win the war.
All he thought
while he fought
was about the fame.
But then one night
The explosion went off
and killed the man who fought in war.
And when he died
the fame didn't matter anymore
as he died
he thought about his family-
thought hard
and wished his family could hear his message:
'Darlings, I am lost-
but keep cheering on the men who
are still fighting.
Let's win this war!
But remember, the fame doesn't matter anymore.
Remember that, my dears'.
Let's remember this:
that fame doesn't matter,
friends and family do.
Let's remember the men
who fought for US
so we could have freedom-
so the next generations could live on.
They died selflessly,
those men.
I'm not asking for you
to die for King and Country,
I'm asking you-
Let's remember them.
The men who fought in war.
Let's wear our Poppies with pride.
Let's look at these Poppies
and think of them
as the souls of the men
who fought in war and
died for us.
Let's wear them
next to our hearts
where they belong.
The men who fought in war.
By Lauren Williams (Year 7)


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